Why Should Your Company Consider Litigation Funding?

  • Your company¬† has a strong claim but does not wish to, or cannot, spend its own money in pursuing it;
  • Your company wishes to diversify or spread the financial risk associated with litigation
  • Your company does not have, or cannot get access to, the corporate budget needed to embark on litigation and paying lawyers;
  • Your company is concerned about exposure to an adverse costs order or cannot, or prefers not to, provide security for an adverse costs order;
  • Your company is concerned about the management time needed to pursue litigation and needs assistance with the management of the case;
  • Your company needs additional support to embark on a case, especially in an unfamiliar country;
  • Your company prefers to use its capital for investing in future business growth, rather than paying for legal costs on a historic matter;
  • Your company wants some certainty about the downside exposure of litigation;
  • Your company wants experienced third parties to assist in dealing with your case, but without paying expensive consultancy or professional fees. Teras will be able to assist your company and its lawyers in the due diligence or investigations phase and during the course of the litigation or arbitration; for example, in the choice of counsel, experts and arbitrators if they have not been retained or appointed before funding has been agreed.