Our Charges

In exchange for providing funding and an indemnity against costs orders if the litigation is unsuccessful, Teras charges an agreed percentage of any amount recovered from the legal claim (plus repayment of all costs funded by Teras). Teras also makes a small management charge which again is only payable if the case is successful.

There is no set percentage. The percentage is negotiated between the parties based on their assessment of the risks and potential rewards of the legal claim to be funded. Key issues include:

  • Prospects of recovering from the defendants any judgment that might be obtained;
  • The estimated level of costs for which funding is required;
  • How much work has already been done in regard to the legal claim and how much further work is required to assemble all of the required evidence to prove the case;
  • How long it is likely to take before there is a trial in the legal claim;
  • The estimated amount of the claim.

Nothing is payable to Teras if no funds are recovered from the litigation